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Our ultimate goal in providing aesthetic and medical care is the smile and joy of every patient whose life was enhanced and personal desires fulfilled through our skills and care. Our success is measured by smiles, not numbers!


About Dr. Anna

Dr. Rosinska is a Board Certified physician with over a decade of experience. Her special interests include Anti-Aging Medicine, Dermatology and Aesthetics. She continually strives to find new ways to provide her patients with expert care while making them feel comfortable and at ease.

After graduating from Medical School in Warsaw, Poland and completing her internship followed by 3 years of Dermatology Residency, Dr. Rosinska has made the decision to move to United States and pursue her career in Internal Medicine. She entered a residency program in St. Barnabas Hospital in New York City and graduated in 1998. Shortly after obtaining her Board Certification Dr.Rosinska and her family have moved to West Texas and went on to establish a successful private practice.

During the last several years in her practice, Dr. Rosinska began to hear numerous complaints from her patients about their body image and appearance. As a result, she decided to expand her services so that her patients could receive more of their care in one office.

She received specialized training in mesotherapy and weight management, the use of lasers, administration of Botox and dermal fillers, photo rejuvenation, sclerotherapy and other areas of aesthetic medicine. She has also trained in Women’s Care, Bio identical Hormones, Allergy Testing, Anti aging Medicine and Longevity.

Personally, I’m most interested in integrative medicine, which is the combination of traditional medical therapy with complimentary natural components that address each patient in a holistic way.

Dr. Rosinska’s primary goal is to provide exceptional patient care with excellent results and superior patient satisfaction. Instead of being limited by boundaries of mainstream medicine, she continually expands her horizons through extensive continuing education.

It’s important to me to keep my practice vital and interesting. Although the work is sometimes difficult, I enjoy my practice and look for opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

Dr.Rosinska was voted a Silver Medalist in Midland’s Top 100 Businesses and Personalities in category for Midland’s Favorite Physician in Year 2008. Dr.Rosinska was also voted a Gold and Silver Medalist in Midland’s Top 100 for 2009 (Best Physician and Weight Loss Clinic) and Silver Medalist in Weight Loss Clinic category in 2010.

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